The Islamic Center Essen -Al Faruq Mosque-

Current information:

New Time Schedule for Friday Prayer and Arabic School!
New times for Friday prayer:

The Friday prayer in the Islamic Center Essen – Alfaruq Mosque – will take place as follows with immediate effect::

  • The Friday prayer is ONLY in compliance with the permitted max. Number of 100 believers possible.
  • The doors of the mosque will open at 13:30.
  • Friday prayer will be performed in two groups:
    • 1st. appointment at 13:45 with max. 100believers.
    • 2nd. appointment at 14:30 also with max 100 believers.

Please pay attention to the following information:

  • Gathering in front of and in the mosque is not permitted.
  • The doors of the mosque are closed immediately after reaching the permitted number.
  • Only adult men are allowed to take part in the Friday prayers.
German course for community members:

German course for members of Muslim communities with little knowledge of German

When: Monday and Tuesday , 09:00 to 12:10

: KD11/13, Karl-Denkhaus-Straße 13, 45329 Essen

Participation is free!

The course is part of the series “Dialogue with Islam”, a joint initiative of KIM-E (Commission Islam and Mosques in Essen .e.V.) and the city of Essen, Municipal Integration Centre and VHS.

How do I register?

Please register at or by phone at Ms Hiegemann-Hahn 0201 88-43221.

Important information regarding the Arabic school:
New Time Schedule for Friday Prayer and Arabic School!

The Arab school has reopened. The following times apply:

    • 1. Group: 09:00 to 11:30
    • 2. Group: 11:45 to 14:30
    • 1. Group: 09:00 to 11:30
    • 2. Group: 11:45 to 14:30

to prevent infection with the Corona virus and to protect every single person, we would like to inform you again about the following information and protective measures:

  1. Pupils with symptoms of illness (fever, cough, diarrhea, colds, etc.) must stay at home and are not allowed to attend classes.
  2. Students who have been in a risk region, in contact with an infected person, are in quarantine or have been tested for Corona (and the test result is still open or positive) are also not allowed to attend classes.
  3. Each student is obliged to bring his or her own prayer rug and mask. In addition, the female students are obliged to bring their prayer clothes, as due to the risk of infection the prayer clothing was removed from the prayer room for women
  4. To follow the instructions and protective measures that hang at the entrances of the mosque.
    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are obliged to report any negligent breach to the responsible authorities. Furthermore, any person who does not comply with the above rules will be excluded from the lessons.