The Islamic Center Essen -Al Faruq Mosque-
Das islamische Zentrum Essen


Allah the Sublime says:

Oh you people! Truly, We created you out of man and woman, and made you peoples and tribes, that you may know yourselves. [Sure: “Al Hujurat”, Vers 13]

Alfaruq Mosque is a meeting place. The encounter with God, the encounter of Muslims with Muslims and the encounter of Muslims with members of other religions. Intercultural exchange is an important aspect of our mosque and is very close to our hearts. We welcome non-believers and invite you to get to know our mosque and its tenants. Here you have the opportunity to learn first-hand what Islam is, what it looks like in a mosque and what functions the individual furnishings and ornaments such as Minber, Mihrab, etc. have. In addition, it is possible to ask any open questions regarding Islam and to get a professional answer.


Our annual "Open Mosque Day" is always eagerly awaited and we appreciate every new visitor who comes to our house. In addition, mosque tours are regularly held, during which the everyday life of Muslims can be accompanied.

Interest in Islam is great on the right. This is shown by the numerous groups of visitors that we have been able to record to this day. We are therefore pleased to welcome kindergartens, school classes, associations, groups of senior citizens and educators who would like to deepen their knowledge of Islam in our mosque in the future.

In order to be able to plan enough, we kindly ask you to register a mosque tour through the form below.