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Islam is the religion of God and an order for his servants and messengers. The Blessed One said: “… And do not die differently than Muslims …” And said: “… namely, to remain faithful in observance of religion …” Compliance with Islam in form and subject requires study, knowledge, understanding and interest. This is exactly what Al-Faruq Institute for Islamic Studies is doing and promoting to train a middle-class Islamic personality through a specific program that can be found in …

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  • raouen
    Posted Tue _31 _January _2023AH 31-1-2023AD 19: 47 0Likes

    السلام عليكم ممكن يكون موضوع خطبة الجمعة عن الأمل و رحمة الله بالعبد و كيف يتصرف الإنسان عندما تضيق به الحياة ؟ محتاجة جدا اسمع هذا و شكرا

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