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The Islamic Center in Essen

Visiting the mosque

Everything you should know about it ...

You are very welcome to visit our mosque…

Perhaps this is your first visit to the mosque and you are wondering:, “What should I pay  attention to during such a visit?”

In order to answer some of your questions in advance, we have gathered some information for you. Should you still have further questions, we are looking forward to answering them in a personal Interview.

In Islam there are two types of prayer houses: the Friday mosque “Dschami” and the prayer house “Masjid”. The German word mosque is derived from “Masjid” and does not distinguish between the two types. According to the Arabic word root, the mosque is a place of prostration. It is also a meeting place for Muslims, where community ritual prayer, Friday prayer, lessons take place, and social events are celebrated together.

The main area in a mosque is the prayer room, in which the “prayer’s direction” (Arabic: “Qibla”) must be indicated. The “mihrab” (prayer niche), the prayer place of the prayer leader (Arabic: “Imam”), is used for this purpose. In a Friday mosque there must also be a “minbar” (pulpit) for the Imam Friday’s sermon. Another area of every mosque is a washing room where a person can carry out his little ablution (“Wudu”), which is a prerequisite for performing the prayer.


How do I prepare for my first visit to the mosque?

Headgear for women is not provided in our mosque, so we ask you to bring your own headgear during your visit. Please dress appropriately when you visit the Mosque.

For men and women alike, at least shoulders and knees should be covered. Transparent, sleeveless and tight-fitting clothing, necklines, mini skirts and beach clothing are strongly prohibited.



The first step at the entrance of the mosque.

Welcome come in! Please take off your shoes before entering the prayer room and place them on the shoe rack. The reason for this is the carpeting on which Muslims perform their prayers and whose purity and cleanliness must be guaranteed for this purpose. Please note that the prayer room may only be entered with socks due to hygienic reasons. Please understand that it is not common for men and women to shake hands.

Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment to visit us, please contact us using the form below: