The Islamic Center Essen -Al Faruq Mosque-
Das islamsiche Zentrum Essen

Soziale Aktivitäten


Refugee work
:In recent years, Germany has taken in many refugees, many of whom are Muslims. We see it as our human and Muslim responsibility to help these people as much as possible and to help them integrate into this country. We offer language courses and strive to get to know and help their concerns.


Intercultural dialogue:
Since we Muslims are a part of this society, we would also like to play an active role in your design. We are working to build bridges, imagine and be a benefit to the place where we live.We organize mosque tours, and educational rounds for which groups can register.


For certain authorities or even schools, it is sometimes necessary to obtain certificates from an Islamic centre. We issue appropriate certificates if required. Just contact us via and simply tell us about your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Information Day For Secondary S
chools:On the occasion of enrolments in secondary schools for the fifth grade, an information event is held every year in the Islamic Centre Essen for all parents of third and fourth grade pupils. This event will present, among other things, the school system and the various possibilities of school forms, and their possibilities. This event is intended to support parents to choose the right school for their children, as each child is different and can and should be supported differently.


Help in emergencies and crises as wel
l as mediation: In emergencies, you are not alone. once problems arise in a marriage that might not otherwise be solved in the circle of one's own family, we advise you on questions relating to Islamic marriage law and support finding an Islam-compliant solution. We are also happy to support you in parent-child conflicts.

Internationales Team 1


Conversion: Interest in Islam is continually increasing. Very often people express their desire to accept Islam. In this case, we are of course available for discussions in order to go through the outstanding questions step by step with you. You can also take part in the various activities for a while without having already become a Muslim or a Muslim.
In addition, the converts require a certificate (e.B. election trip to Mecca) for various purposes, which certifies their entry into Islam. These are also exhibited in the Islamic Center Essen. Please understand that a successful exhibition of religious affiliation requires a personal presentation at the Islamic Center Essen.


Contacts in the district/networking/cooperation partner: In the district as well as in the city we have good contacts with church communities, other mosques, schools and the neighboring Sikh temple. Dialogue between us is at the forefront of our cooperation. Local cooperation partners are the Youth Office, the Diakonie, the Commission on Islam and Mosques and the municipal integration centre of the city of Essen. Every year our community invites you to the open day and hopes for numerous visitors from the surrounding area.


Support in the event of death: The Islamic Centre in Essen -Alfaruq Mosque – advises and accompanies you in the funeral process in the event of death. In cooperation with a Muslim funeral company, we support you in organizing the washing, the death prayer as well as the funeral in the Islamic cemetery at Hallopark. Please understand that we do not hold a funeral in our mosque.



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