The Islamic Center Essen -Al Faruq Mosque-
The Islamic Center Essen

Islamic activities

CCommunity ritual prayers: (the mosque is open daily for the five obligatory prayers. Of course, Friday prayers (content of the sermon is simultaneously translated into German), the festive prayers, and the funeral prayers are also part of our communal prayers.


Prayers on special occasions, such as the communal night prayers (tarawih) in the fasting month of Ramadan. In our mosque you also have the opportunity to perform the “Attahajjud” prayer one hour before the Al-Fagr prayer throughout the month of Ramadan. Our three permanent imams lead the prayer.

J Joint breaking of fasting (Iftar): One of the important traditions that has been lived in our Mosque for years is breaking the fast together during the entire month of Ramadan. The Islamic Center in Essen invites you to break the fast four days a week in the large dining room. Over 350 people come to this every evening at sunset. Of course there is a separate dining room for women.

R Religious teachings in the basic teachings of Islam for all ages. The courses are led by competent Koran iced teachers. This year, the Koranic School was enriched by a new course, namely an Nourania method for learning the Koran and the Tajweed rules. This method resulted in very good results, especially among the small students.

a annual conference to which famous scholars from all over the world are invited.

Muslim boy learning how to make Dua to Allah

Z Zakat (compulsory tax) is a religious compulsory tax and social responsibility for adult Muslims. We at the Islamic Center in Essen are at your disposal to advise you on all legal questions about zakat, so that you can calculate your zakat in accordance with Islam and submit it to the right places.


H Hadj & Umra: The Islamic Center in Essen -Alfaruq Mosque- is your right professional contact point when it comes to preparing for your Hajj or your Umrah trip. We advise and instruct those Muslims who want to travel to Mecca on a pilgrimage and regularly conduct such pilgrimage trips with our cooperation partners.



Daily lectures on different topics (including Fiqh “teaching of ritual acts”), Sira (way of life of the Prophet Mohamad, may Allah praise him), Tafsir). The content is accessible to both men and women. The lecture will be given by one of our 3 permanent imams in the men’s prayer room and will be broadcast live by video in the women’s prayer room

WWomen’s meeting with religious instruction: Twice a month, women of different ages and nations come together in our Mosque to acquire knowledge about Islam and to further educate themselves. In this class, the lectures and content are given by women who deal with many different Islamic topics. We look forward to every new face in the group and warmly welcome you.


legal questions and fatwa to scholars: and fatwa to scholars. In the legal books, the source of which is the Koran and Sunnah (everything that the Prophet, of peace of Allah, had said, done and approved), the legal provisions for almost all areas of life are itemized. They tell Muslims what their religious duties are, what things they are allowed to eat, how to dress and how to treat their families, etc. There is a constant need for expert information on these problem areas, because changes in everyday life have to be made be brought into harmony with Islamic teaching. The Islamic Center in Essen offers you the opportunity to ask your legal questions. These are then analyzed and answered by scholars.



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