The Islamic Center Essen -Al Faruq Mosque-
The Islamic Center Essen - Al Faruq Mosque -

Weekly activities program

For Women

Allah the Exundered said, “And the believing men and the believing women are one of the other friends…”

The history of Islam has always recognized the role of women in all its facets, even in difficult situations. Women had a powerful role in affirming men and educating generations. For these reasons, our sisters in Islam need to know their role and that we urgently need them. They must organize targeted educational activities, which allows them to manifest their love for their religion and community.

Women are a powerful and important pillar in education. Here are some examples of events offered by the Al-Faruq Centre:

  • Islamic and pedagogical education of children with open-mindedness, discipline and respect for Islamic principles.
  • Participation in training courses and lectures.
  • Dealing with the challenges and affairs of our offspring, especially girls and women, coupled with the search for solutions.
  • Presentation and presentation of the magnificence of Islam for non-Muslims through exhibitions and open meetings and similar events.