The Islamic Center Essen -Al Faruq Mosque-

Mosque Internal rules

We kindly ask you to adhere to the following house rules when visiting the Islamic Center in Essen -Alfaruq Mosque- ...

That’s the way it is. And if one highly honours the ritual acts of Allah, it is one of the piety of hearts” …  (Al-Hajj, Aya 32)

1- The visitors of the Alfaruq mosque are asked to take off their shoes before entering the mosque and to put them in the designated places. You are also asked to hang up your jackets etc. in the wall Hooks (Hangers).
2- Respect for the mosque must be maintained. Therefore, the Islamic dress code must be observed (see dress code).
3- Please remain calm and do not disturb the other visitors!
4- Visitors who can only pray while sitting are asked to pray on the edge
5- The mosque Administration is not responsible for luggage and personal belonging.
6- Parents are responsible for their children and are responsible for ensuring that their children remain respectful of the mosque. This is especially true during prayers and sermons.
7- All rooms, especially toilets and washrooms, should be kept clean. The cleanliness of the mosque is a concern of every visitor, because it is one of the basic principles of Islam.
8- Furthermore, everyone is asked to use economically the lighting, water, heating and hygiene items and any other consumable.
9- Particular care should be taken to ensure that cell phones are switched off or are in silent mode.
10- It is forbidden to stay overnight in the mosque.
11- Recording, in any form (photo, video, audio, etc.), as well as distributing and hanging up writings and other activities are only allowed with a permission from the mosque Administration.
12- The collection of donations and the implementation of events and teaching are only allowed with the permission of the mosque Administration.
13- Visitors are asked to show the necessary respect to the mosque management as well as to persons who are appointed by the mosque management, to accomplish certain tasks, and to obey their instructions.
14- Only persons from the administration board, or person appointed by the board are allowed to speak and act in the name of the Islamic Center Alfaruq Mosque.
15- Eating and drinking is strictly forbidden in the prayer rooms as well as in the classrooms.
16- Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the mosque (including outside).
17- All kinds of trade are strictly prohibited in the mosque.
18- It is forbidden to charge cell phones from the mosque’s sockets.
19- Visitors who violate the house rules can be temporarily or permanently banned from the house.
20- No advertising can be displayed or distributed in or in front of Alfaruq Mosque without the consent of the Mosque Administrative Board.
21- It is forbidden to bring bulky waste or used items (such as dishes, furniture, carpets, etc.) with you or to leave it inside or in front of Mosque without the consent of the Mosque Administrative Board.
22- Furniture, goods, properties or Assets of the Mosque must be treated with care and attention. They must not be removed from the building. Anyone who wilfully or violently causes destruction, damage or contamination is obliged to reimburse the damaged items or pay the repair/cleaning costs. The Administrative Board reserves the right to ban the house or to bring criminal charges.
23- We ask all mosque visitors not to form any gatherings in front of the mosque, as this will disturb the pedestrians and the neighbours..
24- Charging mobile phones in the mosque is prohibited.

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