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Our history

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Video about the history of the mosque

The following video gives you an overview of the history of the Alfaruq Mosque. Since the personal impression is always a completely different one, we invite you to visit our mosque…

The Islamic Center in Essen was founded in 2008 as a religious and cultural association. It is a registered association of the city of Essen in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Islamic center includes “Al-Faruq Mosque”, which is characterized by its good and unique location, its size, its number of visitors and their cultural diversity. Various lectures, events and lessons take place regularly, which are given by scholars of Islamic studies and other Islamic personalities. Al-Faruq Mosque invites them from home and abroad. Different and meaningful topics are covered, incorporating both authentic Islamic teachings and modern life.

Another part of the center is the Al-Faruq Arabic School, which teaches the Arabic language and Islamic religion class. We also manage the “Al-Faruq Koran Institute” (for learning the Koran) as well as the “Al-Khawarizmi Education Center” (where we give tutoring in various school subjects).

Visions of the Center:

The Center wants to take a leading role in spreading the Islamic consciousness and through its activities let this consciousness flourish in the Society.

Message of the Center:

The consolidation of reasonable Islamic consciousness and the preparation of a generation capable of facing the cultural challenges of today. It is intended to support the educational process and serve society. The aim is to ensure that Muslims keep up with the demands of today. This should be done with a renewed understanding of Islam and enable us to find the right and appropriate solutions to the issues that arise locally and globally.

Objectives of the Centre:

The Center achieves the firm faith, the Islamic values and characteristics and the healthy Islamic consciousness in the Muslims to consolidate. The aim is to create a positive image of Islamic civilisation and culture in this country. The Centre strives to guard the noble Koran and to teach its recitation and understanding. The aim is to empower and motivate the students of the centre to practice their hobbies and talents. They should unite with the local society and get involved in important matters. These include the commitment to women’s and youth’s rights, participation in interreligious and cultural dialogues and participation in integration into German society.

This is to be achieved in the following ways:

  • The spread and consolidation of moderate Islamic understanding, also known as “the way of the middle”
  • The guarding of the noble Koran through its learning
  • Participation in helping those in need (because the realization of social cohesion is an Islamic duty)
  • Cooperation with local religious and educational organizations


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