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Teach your child prayer, and prayer will teach him everything

The prayer

Prayer is one of the five pillars in Islam. According to Islamic norms, it is a duty for every Muslim to pray five times a day. Prayer is a bond between the servant and his master. It is not allowed for a Muslim or Muslim woman to cut this connection with His Lord, for whatever reason. Therefore, the prayer should only be left out in the rarest of cases. The prayer may not be performed outside of its designated times, except for a justifiable reason within the framework and in the sense of Islamic legal doctrine. Allah, praised be He, says in Surat Al Baqarah (the cow, verse 238): Keep the prayers, just like the middle prayer…

It is forbidden to let yourself be distracted by other things. Allah Almighty said in Surat Mariam, verse 59: “But then descendants came after them who neglected prayer and followed their passions”

Performing prayer does not just mean saying the words associated with it (Allah is great, Allah is great, etc. …), but rather it means fulfilling the conditions, duties and pillars for it. But this presupposes that the Muslim educates himself about his religion, because Allah is worshiped with knowledge and awareness and not out of ignorance. For this reason, the Blessed One says in sura Muhammad verse 47: “Now know that there is no god but Allah …”

In the Lore of Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet said, peace and blessings from Allah be upon him: “whoever Allah wants to do something good for whom, he teaches in religion”

And precisely because prayer is the first thing that everyone is asked about on the day of judgment. If that is correct and successful, then all of his deeds would be succeeded. Otherwise, all of his deeds would be failed.

Practical introduction to prayer

In this joined video, prayer is explained practically in a simple way. Further information can be found in the Islam guide of the Islamic Center Essen- Alfaruq Mosque- under the following link: Islam


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